Celebrating distinctive, sustainable and competitive places in Africa

In a dynamic world where people, capital and ideas are more fluid than ever, a strong place brand is a competitive advantage.

Africa's Best Places Africa's Best Places Africa's Best Places Africa's Best Places Africa's Best Places

While Africa is rich in valued mineral resources, enviable indigenous fauna and flaura, arable land, youthful (70% under age of 30), the second most populous continent (accounting for 17.5% of world population), the continent attracts roughly only 5 percent of the world's inbound tourism and FDI.

Well-articulated place branding and communication strategies and initiatives will help to build distinctive countries, cities, regions and destinations so that they stand out from others, and communicate their benefits and strengths to potential investors, visitors or residents; and create alignment between the messages created for and by government, business, citizens and visitors.

When Brand Africa launched in 2010, it convened African and global place branding decision makers and thought leaders to reflect on how African nations individually and the continent collectively can develop a supranational competitive advantage.

The “Brand Africa | Africa’s Best Places” goal is to inspire, champion and celebrate best practices in Africa-focused initiatives and campaigns that successfully position, influence and drive competitive and sustainable Nation, City and Destination brands.

Recognizing Africa’s Best Places will inspire pride in African places, enhance their competitiveness, grow tourism and investment, and ultimately contribute to the greater development and image of the continent.

There are two primary “Brand Africa | Africa’s Best Places” streams: (1) Adjudicated and (2) Research based.

In the adjudicated stream, African private and public institutions, agencies and practitioners can submit entries for destination branding initiatives and campaigns implemented internally in Africa or externally for Africa.

In the research category, an independent pan-African ranking of the most admired African countries and cities for nation, city and destination brands based on a survey across Africa will be announced at the awards ceremony.