The Brand Africa FORUM is Brand Africa’s intergenerational gathering of African decision-makers, thought-leaders, influencers and future leaders and global leaders with an interest in Africa, across politics, business, civil society and media to challenge issues and explore ideas that impact positively on the future of Africa.

The inaugural Brand Africa FORUM in 2010 was hosted by Brand South Africa on 16 September 2010 in South Africa. Over the years The Brand Africa FORUM has attracted diverse and influential global and African participants such as Dr. Dambisa Moyo, economist and best-selling author of Dead Aid; Simon Anholt, global policy advisor and bestselling author of Brand America; Professor Keith Dinnie, author of Nation Branding; Vijay Mahajan, academic and best-selling author of Africa Rising; leaders of nation branding institutions for nations such as Kenya, South Africa and Ghana; private and public sector and civil society decision-makers from global, African and emerging nations like United States of America, United Kingdom, Netherlands, India, China, Zimbabwe, Ghana and South Africa.


The Brand Africa FORUM is complemented by a series of regional and diaspora Brand Africa Roundtables.

The Brand Africa Roundtables focus on the host country and/or regional issues and opportunities. Integral to the Roundtable deliberations are key socio-economic insights and reports on trade and investment, building African businesses and brands, nation branding, competitiveness and perceptions on Africa.