Brand Africa Report 2011

Brand Africa Report 2011
Brand Africa, 2011

A pan-African compendium of Insights, Perspectives and Best Practices in Building Global African Brands and Global Brands in Africa. The inaugural Brand Africa Report covered:

  • Perspectives by African and Global Thought Leaders
  • Business Africa – Leading African Businesses and Brand
  • Destination Africa – Leading African Destinations
  • Insights Africa – Surveys across Africa, including the inaugural Brand Africa 100 – Most Valued Brands in Africa
  • Conducted by Brand Leadership Academy, TNS and Brand Finance plc.
  • Top African Awards – Awards of Excellence across Africa
  • Know Africa

The inaugural Brand Africa was supported by:

Brand South Africa Anglo American City of Ekurhuleni IDC

Brand Africa Report is published by Ihop Publishing on behalf of the Brand Leadership Academy, custodian of Brand Africa.

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