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South Africa Named The Most Valuable African Nation Brand For The Second Successive Year

25 May 2012

  • Egypt and Nigeria retain their respective second and third positions
  • Kenya goes up one position and now ranks eighth
  • Ethiopia makes its debut at position ten on the African Nation Brands League

Brand Africa in association with Brand Finance today named South Africa as the Most Valuable African Nation Brand. The event was hosted by Brand Kenya at the Intercontinental Hotel, in Nairobi, Kenya. The top ten Most Valuable African Nation Brand for 2012 are (1) South Africa, (2) Egypt, (3) Nigeria, (4) Morocco, (5) Algeria, (6) Angola, (7) Tunisia, (8) Kenya, (9) Ghana and (10) Ethiopia. Mugo Kibati Director General for Kenya Vision 2030 secretariat delivered the key note address. Invited guests included CEO’s and senior executives from Kenya’s public and private sector.

The "Most Valuable African Nations Brands" presented by Brand Africa, are derived from Brand Finance’s Global Nations Brand League, now in its 5th year, which covers a global sample of 138 nations, including 36 African nations. The Global Nations Brand League is based on Brand Finance’s comprehensive analysis of the impact that a country’s reputation and image have on foreign consumers and investors. It combines a wide range of economic, demographic and political factors, and is based on in-depth research by Brand Finance’s global network of offices. The research is based on a multitier methodology that encompasses qualitative, quantitative and secondary research. Each nation brand has been accorded a brand rating: a benchmarking study of the strength, risk and future potential of the brand as well as the brand value: a summary measure of the financial strength of the brand.

The research investigates the value drivers of a nation, i.e. what a nation is worth, how it generates value and what the year- on - year change is in the value generated. It also provides an opinion on the value of the strongest and most-valuable brands in the world. The league table is critical to fully understanding the value drivers of a country and how these drivers affect the nation’s brand. It also helps with understanding the basis of both tangible and intangible value creation through impacting key stakeholders, which generates foreign direct investment, exports and tourism.

Said by David Haigh, the CEO and founder of Brand Finance, "In a world of ever increasing competition brand reputation has become a crucial differentiator. Economic wealth hangs on fine distinctions between commercial offers. Branding can be found at the company, product and endorsement level. One of the national brand endorsements is country of origin. There is no doubt that strong country branding can add billions to national wealth by supporting commercial brands in a hyper competitive world. All countries should be actively managing their nation brands to gain value."

Now in its second year, the Most Valuable African Nation Brands’s list feature a new entrant on the list, Ethiopia, which replaces Libya on the tenth spot, with Ghana and Kenya swopping positions. Kenya moved one spot up from their 9th position in 2011, to 8th spot and Ghana moved one position lower to occupy the 9th spot. The rest of the countries still remain in the same position as last year’s rankings.

“More than half of the world’s fastest growing economies are from Africa, paving the way for Africa to transform itself from being a net importer of goods and services to being self-sufficient and a contributing rather just a consumer member of the global economy. Underpinning the growth of Africa is an enabling environment that’s being creating by its diverse and positively evolving nations. The Top 10 Most Valuable African Nations are without question among the most dynamic African nations at the forefront of re-inventing the Africa’s image, reputation and competitiveness,” Thebe Ikalafeng, Founder & Chairman, Brand Africa.

The awards were followed by a Brand Africa Roundtable discussion, on the results and the "Implications of the nation’s brand value as a Catalyst for Competitiveness". The Roundtable discussions were facilitated by Thebe Ikalafeng, Chairman and founder of Brand Africa, the panellist included Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information and Communications, Dr. Bitange Ndemo; Brand Kenya Board CEO, Mrs. Mary Kimonye; CEO & Founder of Brand Finance plc., David Haigh; and Chairman and CEO of Comcraft Group, Dr. Manu Chandaria, OBE, EBS.

The event, hosted by Brand Kenya, was organised by Brand Africa’s secretariat, Brand Leadership Academy and Africa Practise, Africa’s leading investment and development communications advisory practice.


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